Product Recommendation: First Words Touch And Feel Picture Cards

These cards are great for helping young children develop their verbal skills and expand their vocabulary. They are brightly coloured and contain touch-and-feel elements that kids love, encouraging them to engage with the cards.

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These First Words Touch And Feel Picture Cards are a great resource for helping your toddler develop their verbal skills.

What Is This Product? This product, from DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley), consists of sixteen large (7in/18cm long) cards featuring a variety of common words, such as Shoes, Baby and Dog. Each card is sufficiently thick that they are not easily damaged by small hands, and are coated with a wipe-clean covering, which also prevents them being damaged when chewed or sucked for brief periods. Each card displays a bright, friendly picture to accompany the word, and this picture contains a touch-and-feel element related to the word (for example, the card for Jelly is sticky, while that for Dog has areas of fur on it). On the reverse of each card is information to accompany the word, such as the sound the featured animal makes, or the word in other languages, such as Spanish. The cards come in a robust cardboard box that has a velcro catch attached, and are accompanied by a separate card with suggestions of how to use them. The only drawback of these cards is that they use American English rather than British English (e.g. Sweater rather than Jumper and Fire Truck rather than Fire Engine), which can be a little annoying for people who speak British English. Product ISBN: 978-0756615185. Recommended Retail Price (RRP): £9.99/US$9.99. To purchase in the UK, click here. To purchase in the USA, click here.

What Age Of Child Are They Aimed At? These cards are suitable for children of all ages, but will be most useful for children from one year onwards.

Core Life Skills This Product Will Help Develop: Academic Skill – Verbal communication and vocabulary; Physical Skills – Hand-eye coordination (if you let them post the cards back into the box as part of using them (see below).

Examples of DK Publishing First Words Touch And Feel Picture Cards

The cards are thick and wipe-clean, and feature high quality pictures with textured areas to increase your child’s engagement .

How Can You Use This Product To Help Develop A Child’s Core Life Skills? These cards are perfect for helping to develop language skills, verbal communication skills and to help expand your child’s vocabulary. I would recommend that you start using cards like these as soon as your child starts to speak and show an interest in such things. The best way to use them is to sit with your child on your knee and show them one card at a time and repeat the word several times. Let them take it if they wish as they will enjoy the feel of the different textures. You can add some extra fun by giving them the box, and let them slide each card back into the box before you move on to the next one, helping them to develop their hand-eye coordination. Once your child is familiar with the cards, you can build on the basic game by getting them to repeat the word before they are given the card, or asking them to say it. Similarly, you can hold up two or three cards and ask them to point to the one for a specific word. If you have an older child, you can encourage them to play this game with their younger siblings. You can also use the information on the reverse of each card to help them learn simple words in other languages, or the sounds associated with animals and vehicles.

If your older child is learning to read at the same time, you can get them to read out the word as it is printed on the back of the card while showing the picture side to the younger child. This allows you to work on core skills for two children of different ages at the same time. However, remember to keep your sessions brief, and aim to spend one minute per year of your child’s age on each session (e.g. two minutes for a two-year old) to keep it fun and to avoid them developing fatigue. It is also important that you only use these cards when your child wants to play, rather than forcing them to play when they don’t want to. This will ensure that they keep enjoying it time after time, and they will increase their language skills faster as a result.

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