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What Is It?

#ToyLikeMe is a website dedicated to providing toys which represent the full diversity of humankind, and particularly toys that represent people with a disability or difference. It started life as a campaign to encourage the global toy industry to provide such toys, but has now branched out into a website to help parents find toys that provide positive representations of disabilities and differences.

#ToyLikeMe homepage

“#ToyLikeMe® is a creative collective celebrating diff:ability in toys and calling on the global toy industry to positively represent 150 million kids with disability and difference worldwide.” from

Why Is It Useful?

Raising a child who is different can be difficult enough without society adding pressure on children to look a certain way, or to conform to specific stereotypes and/or expectations. These expectations can leave children who are different feeling isolated and alone. Seeing toys that represent people like themselves helps such children realise that they are not alone and that they are simply part of the glorious diversity that is humankind. It also provides a positive representation of the full range of humanity, and so encourages all children, whether different or not, to realise that such differences are completely normal and are part of what makes us all human.

#ToyLikeMe Producrts

#ToyLikeMe provides links to toys you can buy, makeovers of toys that they’d love to see become available (check out the blade-running storm trooper – it’s awsome!) and campaigns that they are running.

Who Is Behind It?

#ToyLikeMe was established in April 2015 by Rebecca Atkinson, a journalist and creative consultant, after she noticed a lack of positive representation of disability in toys. It has now developed into a creative collective who aim to celebrate disability in toys and call on the global toy industry to positively represent 150 million children with disabilities and differences worldwide.

#ToyLikeMe Cochlear Implant Bear

The Cochlear Implant Bear is a great example of the type of toys that #ToyLikeMe would love to see more of.

Five Pages Worth Checking Out On This Website:

To help you get an understanding of the type of information provided by #ToyLikeMe, here are links to five pages which represent its main aims:

  1. Why representation matters.
  2. Our story.
  3. Toys: Stuff yer toy box full of disability delights!
  4. Makeovers: The products of our dreams.
  5. The Cochlear Implant Bear.

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