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What Is It?

Conquer Maths is a subscription-based website which provides online tutorials and support covering most areas of maths for children aged four to eighteen. The maths tutorials are structured in such a way as to allow the student to be in full control of what they study and when. This means they can decide whether they want to focus on bits they may be struggling with, or just dip in and out of anything they may find interesting. The tutorials themselves consist of short, but informative, videos to illustrate a specific point, followed by a series of questions which the student can use to assess how well they have understood the concept being covered. Also included are diagnostic tests to help students work out where they might need some more help, fun activities and tests, progress reports and certificates, and awards to help encourage them to reach specific milestones in their maths education. In short, Conquer Maths is a one-stop service for anyone who wishes to improve their maths skills, and government research suggests it can improve maths abilities by 54%.

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Conquer Maths is an online maths tutor which allows students to select the areas of maths they wish to brush up on through selecting a specific age group, broad topic and specific subject area.

Why Is It Useful?

A good understanding of mathematics is fundamental in the modern world, in terms of understanding how it functions, making good financial decisions, working out the true cost of credit, assessing whether statistics used by politicians and advertisers are likely to be correct, and in many other ways. However, many children struggle with maths, and if they fall behind, they risk developing a mental block towards maths in general that will leave them at a disadvantage for the rest of their lives, as well as making them more likely to make poor financial decisions.

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Conquer Maths provides short videos to illustrate specific subjects, in this case, counting by tens …

Providing additional maths lessons in school or with a tutor at home may help some students, but for others it can re-enforce the feeling that they just don’t have the type of brain that can do maths and they will often give up trying altogether. In addition, it can encourage the student to simply stop whenever they run into difficulties and wait for someone to come along and explain it to them rather than trying to work it out for themselves. In many ways, this is a form of learned helplessness and it can cause some students serious problems throughout their lives.

The tutorials provided by Conquer Maths allows the student to take back control of their maths learning. This is because Conquer Maths is available twenty-four hours a day and it is up to the student themselves to decide what they can do, and they can work on problem areas without having to wait for the input from a teacher, parent or tutor. This means that if they get stuck with something, then they have somewhere to turn to instantly to help them work out how to deal with it, and this encourages them to take a much more active approach to learning maths (and learning in general), which will benefit them in both the short and the long-term.

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… and then provides questions which the students can use to assess how well they have understood it.

Of course, Conquer Maths has another use, too, and this is for parents who wish to brush up on their maths skills so that they can be in a better position to help their child with their maths homework. Too many parents are happy to leave every element of mathematical teaching to schools, often because they don’t want to reveal their own lack of maths knowledge. Using Conquer Maths will help you, as a parent, to remain engaged with your child’s maths education and so have a much more positive impact upon it.

How Do You Access Conquer Maths?

Conquer Maths is not a free service and it requires a subscription. However, you can pay either on a month-by-month basis (so you can sign up only when your child is struggling with a specific topic), or you can pay an annual fee of around £100. While this may seem like a lot of money, maths is such a fundamental element of modern life that a good knowledge and understanding of maths is well worth investing in. It is also substantially cheaper than paying for a maths tutor! If you’re worried that your child will not like the way that things are taught by Conquer Maths, don’t worry, you can try it for free (giving you access to specific lessons) and if you choose to sign up, there’s a two-week 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service it provides. If you wish to check out some customer reviews before you try it, you can read them here (as of October 2016, it as an average review rating of 4.79 out of 5!).

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About The Author: This post was written by Colin Drysdale, the creator of How To Raise A Happy Genius.

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