Welcome To ‘How To Raise A Happy Genius’

Welcome to How To Raise A Happy Genius, a new venture which aims to provide parents, and anyone else interested in raising children who will grow into happy and successful adults, with information, advice and recommendations that might help them raise their own happy genius.

What will you be able to find on How To Raise A Happy Genius?

How To Raise A Happy Genius Logo

This is the How To Raise A Happy Genius logo. It is based on a photograph taken by the site’s founder, Colin M. Drysdale in the Bahamas in 1996 and shows one of his friends playing with his young son against the sunset at the end of yet another fun-filled day.

On this site, you will find postings that will fit into two basic categories. The first provides ideas for games you can play, experiments you can help your children carry out, useful products you can purchase, book reviews, app recommendations and so on which you can use to help develop your child’s core life skills in short bursts..

The second type of post will provide more information about specific core life skills, life lessons you can use to teach these core life skills, advice about developing your parental skills so that you are best positioned to help your child reach their full potential, recommendations about books for parents to read, summaries of the latest scientific evidence on human psychology and educational strategies, and on what do if you encounter problems with your child’s development. These are provided to help you, as a parent, develop your own skills and understanding on how best to raise a happy genius.

All posts can either be accessed through our blog, or by clicking on the menus for each of the individual categories that a post has been assigned to. The idea behind these posts is not that you should follow the advice as laid out to the exact letter in each and every one of them, but rather that you take on board the general How To Raise A Happy Genius philosophy and adapt the information provided to your own specific circumstances. As long as your child successfully develops enough core life skills in the seven skill sets identified in the philosophy, it doesn’t really matter how they do it. As a result, feel free to ignore certain posts if you feel that they aren’t right for your situation, or adapt the information in them as you see fit. After all, they are simply a starting point to help set you and your child moving in the right direction to help them become a happy genius.

Finally, while the information on this site is primarily aimed at parents with children between birth and 12 years of age, from time to time there will be posts that are aimed at the parents of older children, and you’d be surprised about how much of the basic teaching strategies and core skills outlined here can be adapted for working with older children – you just need to work out how best to do it!

Would you like to contribute to How To Raise A Happy Genius?

If you like what you find here at How To Raise A Happy Genius, and you feel that you have something to contribute, then we would love to hear from you. You can find out more about what we are looking for and how to contact us about potential contributions on our contributors page.

How is How To Raise A Happy Genius.com funded?

While How To Raise A Happy Genius aims to provide all its information for free to the end-user (that is you, the reader), it is still a commercial enterprise. This means we need to have some way to make money from the work we put into it. We primarily do this by using affiliate marketing. This means that when we provide a link to another website, we may get a small commission for referring you there if you chose to buy anything. However, we will try to always make it clear when we provide such a link, so that you can choose to go direct to the site yourself if you do not wish us to receive this commission. In addition, we may, from time to time, use advertising to help provide us with an income, but we will try to do this as subtly as possible so that it doesn’t interfere with your reading of the information you find on our site.

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About The Author: This post was written by Colin Drysdale, the creator of How To Raise A Happy Genius.

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