Product Review Request

If you have a product, such as a book, app or anything else, that you would like us to review on How To Raise A Happy Genius, we’d love to hear from you. However, before you contact us, make sure you are familiar with our existing content and especially with our overall philosophy, and that your product fits with both of these.

If, once you have read these, you still wish to submit your product for consideration, please email products(at) In your email, include the name of your product, a link to where it can be purchased (preferably on Amazon and/or, details about your product, as well as information about who your are, your relationship to the product (e.g. for books state whether you are the author, publisher or publicist).

We will respond to all requests, but it may take us some time to do so, so please be patient. In addition, please do not send us any products until we request them as we do not wish you to waste money on shipping unless we are likely to review it. While we maintain the right to create our own review based on our experiences with your product (i.e. you will not have any editorial input on the review), we will offer you the opportunity to read the complete review and refuse permission for us to post it.

Finally, we are based in the UK, so remember that you will have to pay shipping for any physical products that you want us to review. Once you send us a product it becomes our property, and we are free to dispose of it as we see fit. This means that we will not return it, but instead we will donate it to a relevant local charity (unless we really like it, in which case we may choose to keep it for ourselves!).

Please Note: We do not accept any comments on this page, so please do not submit your product review requests as comments on any other page or post. Any that are submitted this way will be deleted without being read.