Picture Book: Beautiful Oops (2010)

Beautiful Oops! by Barney Salzberg is a wonderfully unique picture book which shows children that, rather than being a cause of despair, every paper tear, paint spill or bent page is a new opportunity to be ever more creative. In short, it’s a great way to encourage your child to own their mistakes and make the most of them.

Basic Book Information: ISBN: 978-0761157281; Date of Publication: September 2010; Number of pages: 28. To purchase in the UK, click here. To purchase in the USA, click here.

What Age Of Child Is It Aimed At? This book is aimed at children aged between three and eight.

How Long Will It Take To Read This Book? This book could be read from cover to cover in a few minutes, but be prepared to spend a lot longer reading it as your child flips back and forth through the pages, lifting flaps and adding their own thoughts on how the mistakes illustrated on its pages could be made into something new and interesting.

What I Like About This Book? I like this book because it encourages children to see mistakes as an opportunity for further creativity rather than as a cause for sadness or despair. It encourages them to make the most of their mistakes rather than simply giving up at the first hurdle, and shows them that good things can come out of the bad, if only they look hard enough and think creatively.

What Core Life Skills Will It Help Develop? This book will encourage children to think creatively, solve problems and, most importantly, build up resilience in the face of adversity.

Are There Other Books By The Same Author? Barney Saltzberg has written an extensive range of over thirty books for children, most of which offer a slightly off-beat and alternative view of life. You can find a list of these books here (for UK-based parents) or here (for US-based parents).

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To Purchase In The UK

To purchase this book in the UK, click here, or on the image below.

To Purchase In The USA

To purchase this book in the USA, click here, or on the image below.

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