Game: Pass The Word

Pass The Word is a fun game to help your child develop their spelling skills. It consists of a series of tiles which connect together and which are divided into two sets: Picture cards and letter cards. The idea is that children pick a picture card at random and then have to find all the letters that make up that word and link them together in the correct order. If they can find all the letters to make the word, they get to keep it, if not they have to pass it on to the next player. The winner is the one with the most correct words at the end of the game. This game can either be played by small groups of children on their own, or one-on-one with an individual child.

Pass The Word Game BoxHow Long Does It Take To Play? The length of time this game will take to play will depend on the children playing it, but it shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes, making it the perfect game to fit into otherwise unfilled gaps in your day.

Ages: The stated age-range for this game is five to nine years. However, if you choose to play it one-on-one with a child, it can be used to help children as young as three or four start to develop their spelling and reading skills.

Core Life Skills It Will Help Develop: Academic Skills: Reading, vocabulary; Inter-personal Skills: Playing and sharing with others in a competitive environment; Intra-personal Skills: Persistence.

What Do You Need To Play It? To play this game, all you need is a Pass The Word game set. This can be purchase from here (for UK-based parents) or from here (for US-based parents).

Preparation: No preparation is required for this game.

How Do You Play It? This game is simple to play. The picture cards are separated from the letter cards, and then the letter cards are then turned face-down and mixed up. The first child then draws a picture card at random and has until the sand in a small egg-timer (included in the game set) has run out to find all the letters in the correct order so that they can join them together to make the word shown on a picture card. If they do it in time, they get to keep the word, if not they have to pass on what they’ve done to the next player. The winner is the person with the most correctly completed words at the end of the game.

When And Where Can You Play It? This game can be played anywhere you can find a suitable flat surface.

Variations: As well as the group game for players aged five to nine outlined above, this game can also be used to play spelling games with younger children on a one-to-one basis. For these games, dispense with the egg-timer, and help your child find the correct letters to complete each word one at a time.

Links To Purchase A Pass The Word Game Set

For Parents Based In The UK

For Parents Based In The USA

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