Activity Book: The Forgotten Milestone – Coloring And Activities For Pattern Recognition (2016)

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The Forgotten Milestone provides a range of fun activities to help your child develop their pattern recognition skills. UK-based parents can purchase it by clicking here, while US-based parents can purchase it by clicking here.

The Forgotten Milestone by Frank and Stacy Otillio is  a book that, despite its main title, is filled with fun activities to help your child develop good pattern recognition skills. Why is this important? Well, pattern recognition is a core life skill, especially in the modern world, yet, as the authors point out, it’s one that is often over-looked. The book starts with a brief two-page introduction which outlines why the authors feel that pattern recognition is such an important part of child development and highlighting how it’s the basis for many, if not all, cognitive processes and it’s link to general  intelligence. It then moves onto a How To Use This Book section before reaching the main body of the book – the pattern recognition activities. These activities include sections on finding and colouring in letters and shapes, spotting differences between pairs of pictures, picking out the picture that differs from others in a set, pattern matching and many more. These activities are well-designed and your child is likely to really enjoy completing them, but they are intended to be done alongside parents rather than independently, so be aware that this is a book you will need to make time to do with your child. However, the time spent with your child doing these types of activities will be more than paid back by their increased cognitive development. 

Basic Book Information: ISBN: 978-1533004420; Date of Publication: May 2016; Number of pages: 136. To purchase in the UK, click here. To purchase in the USA, click here.

An Example Activity From The Forgotten Milestone

This is an example of the type of exercise found in The Forgotten Milestone. In it, your child has to find the numbers and colour them in.

What Age Of Child Is It Aimed At? This book is aimed at children aged three and older, although children at the younger end of this range may struggle with some of the more complicated activities.

How Long Will It Take To Do The Activities In This Book? Each individual activity can be completed within about five to fifteen minutes, but there are a sufficiently large number of activities in this book that it is likely to take many hours to work through completely, and separated into different sessions, it’s likely to keep your child occupied for several weeks, if not longer.

What I Like About This Book? The reason I like this book is because, unlike many modern colouring books, this doesn’t just provide stock cartoon pictures and scenes to colour in, but instead provides pictures that have been specifically created to encourage the development of good pattern recognition skills. However, they are also sufficiently interesting for your child not to realise that they are educational, and they will still enjoy completing the activities.

What Core Life Skills Will It Help Develop? As the sub-title of this book states, it will help your child develop good pattern recognition skills, which are the key to many aspects of good cognitive development as well as numeracy, maths, and reading.

Are There Other Books In The Same Series? To date, this is the only book published by these authors, but I hope they will produce additional, similar books in the future. Printable versions of some of the activity sheets in this book, and additional pattern recognition-based exercises can be found on the Clay Maze website.

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To Purchase In The UK

To purchase this book in the UK, click here, or on the image below.

To Purchase In The USA

To purchase this book in the USA, click here, or on the image below.

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