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Peg Solitaire is a simple game where the aim is to ‘jump’ over pegs on a board until there is only one left in the middle. It’s a very old game, but this app brings it into the 21st Century and allows it to be played anywhere. The premise sounds easy, but in practice it’s much harder to successfully complete it. It’s the type of game that helps your child develop their ability to think ahead and plan out what they need to do to solve a specific task because they will need to do this to work out the sequence in which pegs need to be removed to be left with only one at the end.

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Peg Solitaire consists of a series of balls placed on a board. The aim is to ‘jump’ over individual balls to remove them, with the aim of leaving only one ball in the middle. To download this app for Android devices, click here. To download a similar app for Apple IOS devices, click here.

Basic App Information: Operating System: Android; Date of Release: April 2013; Price: Free (no in play additional costs); In Game Adverts: No. To download this product for Android devices, click here. To download a similar app for Apple IOS devices, click here.

What Age Of Child Is It Aimed At? Peg Solitaire is suitable for most children over the age of 5, and is still fun to play as an adult.

What Does The App Involve? The app involves ‘jumping’ over balls in a sequence that will result in only a single ball being left in the middle at the end. It sounds easy, but it’s actually quite hard to do in practice. In this app, you can choose to see how fast you can do it, minimise the number of balls you have left or choose the exact shape of board which you play the game on. This means that even once you have solved the classic game, there are still many other challenges for you to test yourself against.

What I Like About This App:  Peg Solitaire is a great way to help your child develop strategies for solving complex problems and for thinking ahead and forward planning. I like this app because it’s easy to play as well as offering many additional challenges. In addition, it will remember your best score for each board, meaning that even if you don’t solve it successfully, you can still record your progress as you get closer and closer to completing it.

What Core Life Skills Will It Help Develop? This app is a great way for your child to start developing strategies for thinking ahead and forward planning, both of which are essential skills for succeeding in life. It’s also a great introduction to the concepts behind games such as draughts (known as checkers in the US) and chess.

Other Similar Apps: There are many similar peg solitaire apps, but this is by far my favourite because it’s simple to use, it looks good, and works consistently without too many intrusive adverts. You can explore these other apps by clicking here (for Android devices).

Links To Download This App

Android (Google Play): You can download Peg Solitaire for android devices from Google Play by clicking here.

Apple IOS (iTunes): You can download an app similar to Peg Solitaire for IOS devices by clicking here.

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