App: Math Vs Mummies (Android)

Math vs Mummies is an addictive game where maths must be used to help you shoot marauding mummies before they get you. The basic premise is that each mummy has a sum floating above its head. You must correctly complete this sum in order to fire a gun and destroy it before it gets to you.

Math vs Mummies Title Page.

Math vs Mummies is an addictive game where maths must be used to defeat marauding mummies. This is the apps title page.

Basic App Information: Operating System: Android; Date of Release: August 2014; Price: Free (no in play additional costs); In Game Adverts: Yes. To download this product for Android devices, click here.

What Age Of Child Is It Aimed At? Math vs Mummies is suitable for most children over the age of 6, and is still fun to play as an adult.

What Does The App Involve? The app involves playing a simple first-person-shooter game where the aim is to destroy marauding mummies before they get to you. As each mummy appears, a sum is displayed above its head. You must successfully solve the sum before pressing the fire button in order to be able to shoot a mummy, and all mummies need to be killed to complete each level. The score you receive for each level is added to a running total which can be used to ‘buy’ upgrades to your gun. The user can choose between three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal and Hard), and there are ten individual levels within each category. The user can also select whether the sums will be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Math vs Mummies Screenshot Choice of Level Of Difficulty

In Math vs Mummies, you can select your level of difficulty from Easy, Normal or Difficult(along the bottom) and whether the sums will be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division (along the top).

What I Like About This App: This app is plain, simple fun, as well as being educational (but it’s good enough that if you don’t tell your kids, they might not even realise this!). The action is just fast enough to be challenging, without being so fast that it’s too difficult for a child to complete. In short, it’s a great way for anyone (child or adult) to sharpen their basic maths skills. The biggest drawback about this app is that the adverts (which pay for it to be free to download) are rather intrusive, and you would need to show your child how to close them down as they appear at the start of each level. However, it’s difficult to find free apps these days without such adverts.

Math vs Mummies Screenshot Playing The Game

When playing the game, you need to successfully solve the sum floating above each mummies head before you the hit the fire button to destroy it.

What Core Life Skills Will It Help Develop? This is a great way to sharpen basic maths and numeracy skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Other Similar Apps: There are a number of other similar apps available, including the more famous Math vs Zombies. While this has in-app purchases, it has less advertising than Math vs Mummies and is available for devices other than Android.

Links To Download This App

Android (Google Play): You can download Math vs Mummies for android devices from Google Play by clicking here.

Android (Amazon): You can download Math Vs Mummies for Android devices from the Amazon App Store by clicking here (for UK users) or here (for USA users).

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