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Master Mind is a simple game where trial and error is used to work out an unknown sequence of coloured pegs. You have a total of ten guesses to identify the unknown sequence, and after each guess, you are told how many colours you have right, but that they are in the wrong place in the sequence (indicated by black pegs) and how many are the right colour and in the right place (indicated by white pegs). The only way to solve the puzzle is to think logically and plan exactly which colours you are going to try, in which order, before adapting your strategy based on the feedback provided by the black and white pegs. As a result, this is a great game for developing problem solving strategies, and for learning about the importance of trial-and-error learning, a skill that is critical for developing a growth mindset, and for developing persistence in the face of failure. It’s also hugely addictive and fun to play

In Mastermind, the aim is to work out an unknown sequence of four coloured pegs based on logical thought, trial and error, and feedback. To download this app for Android devices, click here. To download a similar app for Apple IOS devices, click here.

Basic App Information: Operating System: Android; Date of Release: June 2014; Price: Free (no in play additional costs); In Game Adverts: No. To download this product for Android devices, click here. To download a similar app for Apple IOS devices, click here.

What Age Of Child Is It Aimed At? Mastermind is suitable for most children over the age of 5, and is still fun to play as an adult.

What Does The App Involve? When you start a new game, the app will select a sequence of four coloured pegs from a choice of six different colours. You then have to guess what this sequence is. Your first guess will be pretty much random (although some random choices will make much better starting points than others!), and you will be provided with feedback which will indicate how many colours you got right, and how many you got right, and are in the right place. However, this feedback won’t tell you exactly which pegs you got right. Based on your analysis of this feedback, you then try a new sequence and see whether this improves your feedback or not. The game continues like this until either you correctly work out what sequence was selected by the app, or until you run out of turns.

What I Like About This App:  Mastermind is a great way to help your child understand what trial and error learning is, and how it can be used to solve problems they may face in their everyday lives

What Core Life Skills Will It Help Develop? This app is a great way for your child to start developing strategies for solving problems by trying out possible solutions, and then improving on them based on the feedback they receive. This is both an important skill in its own right, as well as being one of the keys for developing a growth mindset.

Other Similar Apps: There are many similar apps, but this is by far my favourite because it’s simple to use, it looks good, works consistently and doesn’t have intrusive adverts. You can explore these other apps by clicking here (for Android devices).

Links To Download This App

Android (Google Play): You can download Mastermind for Android devices from Google Play by clicking here.

Apple IOS (iTunes): You can download an app similar to Mastermind for IOS devices by clicking here.

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About The Author: This post was written by Colin Drysdale, the creator of How To Raise A Happy Genius.

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